About Us

Founded in 2012, it combines the words Retro and Dandy, with "old cars, gentlemen" as the main axis, adheres to high-quality materials, and reproduces the classic American retro style.

Directly operated image store-``Mr. Dandy Shop'' is inspired by the brand slogan Ah, Details.
Modified from an old black and white movie in the 50s, the complete sentence is:
Ah, details.
I’m glad to see you’re a man
who understands details, Mr. Dandy.

Brand details and cultural symbols are incorporated everywhere in the store, such as antique cash registers, hand-painted gold foil windows, old tailoring machines, etc., just like Dandy means a playboy who cares about his taste. I look forward to everyone's taste.
Mr. Dandy Shop by Retrodandy & Co.
Address|No. 26, Lane 18, Nanjing West Road, Datong District, Taipei City
Phone| +886-2-2552-1703
Business Hours|13:00-21:00